Mar 27, 2005



She looks.

She looks at me.

She smiles, embraces me.

She is past, present, future.

She raises a glass of wine. Elixir.

She is fermented grapes in my head; mouth.

She talks about life, a crazy first meeting. Laughter.

She is part of the zoo, and her unique Mondo makes me joy.

She is the most expected kiss, forbidden sex, unconditional love.

She walks aside me; part of the city beauty, rediscovering places together.

She is fascinated with the argentine afternoon in the Central Park; I don't need more.

I always want more, and the afternoon becomes night, and my bed is empty again... why?

I forget about other things. I remember places, moments, smelling together.

I am the most unexpected kiss thief, free sex, unconditional love.

I am part of the zoo, and my new Mondo inspires her again.

I talk about destiny, unforgettable meeting. Laughter.

I fly between fermented grapes in the air; lips.

I raise a glass of wine. A Wish.

I am steak, caramel, Sunday.

I smile, hold her.

I feel her.

I miss.


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